IWS Waste Solutions
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Mon to Fri: 9AM - 5PM
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Houston, Texas
& the Gulf Coast



Safety is most important in all job functions

For Controling Your Energy Production
Industrial Waste Solutions' (IWS) priority is safety first and foremost when providing Environmental Remediation, Industrial Cleaning, and Hazardous/ Non-Hazardous Transportation. IWS adheres to all regulatory guidelines put forth by OSHA, DOT, and the EPA.

IWS Health and Safety Program is continuously updated and is readily available for review. Our employees are rigerously trained and certified to perform safely and efficiently in a manner that exemplifies strong safety standards.

IWS is also a participating member of the ISNETWORLD and other regional Safety Councils.

Industrial Hygiene

Optimal worker health is our first mandate. We plan projects to ensure the highest standards of worker health and worksite sanitation

Environmental Compliance

We make it our duty to go exceed what is legally mandated. We ensure and maintain all regulatory complience concerns.


Paramount to all our operations is the effiecient balance of Stakeholder safety. We ensure the worker, worksite and general environment (en-route project) are closely monitored.